Introduction: Portable Mini Electronic Screw Driver Out of Scrap

Hello guys this is my 1st instructable sry for my english

This mini portable electronic hand screwdriver is made out of a deo can, it rotates in both clock and anti clock wise to fix and to remove the screws

hope u guys will like it :)

Step 1: Material Required


1.An old deo can

2.A high torque geared motor of 100 rpm ( i have 100 rpm so i am using it it is not mandatory )

3.A DPDT switch

4. male and female Adaptor pins

5.L clamp for mounting the motor as shown in the above pic

6. a old screw driver

some wires

some screws

Step 2: Preparing the Deo Can

First make sure that the motor can be easily fixed into the can. and cut the can at the top and grind the edges wit the help of sand paper or with grinding tool no make a cut so that the dpdt switch can fit into it and a hole so the female adaptor can me fixed as shown in the pic

Step 3: Welding the Old Screw Driver to the Motor Shaft

cut the matalic part of an old screw driver and gas weld it to the shaft of the motor

make sure that the central axis of the motor shaft and the bit holder are same

Step 4: Soldering the DPDT Switch

as shown in the pic solder the wires

the middle wires (Red and black ) are given to the motor and other two wires are given ti the female adaptor pin

Step 5: Assemble

now asssemble all the parts at their provided sapce's

Finally your electronic screw driver is ready

hope u enjoyed it :)

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