Introduction: Portable Phone Holder

design for change is a really good way to demonstrate perseverance because it id a way for thinking about what are you gonna do. design thinking is important when designing because designing is a really Important thing in life and it helps you think better. my design is a really cool and creative phone holder for any phone. it is a very useful tool because when you want to watch a tv sho or a movie, or a youtube video there you have the phone holder. throughout the adventure of my design i used some carton, paper, crayons, scotch.

Step 1: Step 2 Discovery and Interopetration

empathy is a really important word it is thinking about how will others will feel if you were in there shoes. it fits on design for change because in design thinking it helps you think and think the things better when you are doing them. my user is my brother he has helped me in my design by giving me feedback when I ask him if this is a good idea or if it's a bad idea. he is really helpful because he has already been in this situation and he knows what can be useful for the people so in this case, I decided to do a phone holder. the interpation phase is when I did the phone holder and they concluded giving me some recommendations of how can I do it and my interpretation is when you need something to hold there is the phone holder to help you. finally the phone holder is a really helpful thing and it helps you not grabbing the phone every time you are using it.

Step 2: Step 3 Ideation

Ideation is a creative way of forming ideas and concepts. ideation is helpful because it helps you develop the majority of the ideas and very creative things that maybe you didn't know. ideation can help you in a lot of ways it can help you start some big things but not always is coming up successful. finally, ideation is a really important thing for design thinking and in your life.

Step 3: Step 4 Prototype

making a design may be easy you don't need expensive things to make a perfect design, cheap things can help you to do one of the best designs. you just need to put in the effort. my design step is, first buy some carton, scotch paper crayons. then think about how I was gonna do my design, then just start putting carton and scotch tape on what is needed then just with crayon paint it then with paper to reshape things and finally finish the design.

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