Introduction: Portable Phone Projector.

You may have seen many portable type projectors, I know I have, but I wanted to do one better. This is a projector which could fit into your pocket easily. The best thing about this is that it doesn't cost much to make, though it may take some of your time for perfection.

'P3: Leather edition',as I like to call it, is a useful little thing to carry around in your pocket. I made it with a leather covering, giving it a classy look. It is not very size specific as such, it can easily fit a 5" to 6" display phone.

I am quite a movie freak, though I don't like watching it on my small screen phone, and my hopes of winning a TV on the 'Trash to treasure" competition are almost destroyed. I decided to make this to enhance my 'movie watching experience' a little.

Step 1: Materials Required.

Most of the following things could be available either as scrap at your home, or at your nearest Stationary store

1) A phone box and I have selected a box whose dimension is 6.5" x 3.5".

2) 3mm MDF board.

3) A4 size sheets.

4) Magnifying glass.

5) Leather.

6) Velcro.

Step 2: Making the 'Bellow'.

The first step in making the projector would be printing out some templates for bellow corners and sides. After that score the lines on the sheet using a blunt object so that it will be easy to fold the paper in the right shape. Once it completes cut each corner template from the sheet and fold it separately.

After that paste all the walls of the bellow and paint it black so that it won't reflect light during projection.

Step 3: Making Front and End of the Projector.

Next thing need would be a phone box which seems a good object to make the phone holder and I have used a phone box whose dimension is 6.5" x 3.5" which quit works well for most of the phones. Next thing that I have done is cut an MDF board of 3mm thick using laser cutting as it will give a good finish to fit it perfectly in the box.

And I have also cut another piece of the same size for the front portion of the projector and, for the I have made a 6cm hole to fit the magnifying glass nicely. The lens is a bit tight in the hole so I have not used anything to stick it with the board.

Step 4: Assembling.

Once we are done with all the basic parts I have joined all the pieces and for that, I have glued the bellow with front board consist the lens and with the back which will fit on the phone box.

Step 5: Making Phone Holder.

Next step is to make a phone holder in the box so that the phone will be in a good position for the lens. To make the holder I have used a plastic sponge as it is little hard to give right pressure on the phone.

I have used two small layers of the sponge on both the sides to adjust the phone nicely. I have used hot glue to stick it with the box.

I have also added a leather cover to it by pasting the leather on the back of the box after stitching a velcro strip on it. This will help to help to hold the projector together when it is packed, and it also gives a good look.

Step 6: Thanks!

After getting it all together it is ready to watch a movie and works quite well. You just need to put the phone in the holder and insert it in the bellow and it is easy to adjust the distance between the display and the lens because of bellow in between.

Hope you understood my tutorial. It is very easy to make and use as well. If you do decide make it, please share it in the comments.

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