Introduction: Wolverine Claws (Steel)

"Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. God made it last too long" - Logan

Ever since I was a young boy, I have been a fan of superhero movies and Wolverine has definitely been my most favorite. The amazing dialogues, crazy fight scenes, and of course, the claws - all made him the most badass superhero for me. Like most other wolverine fanboys, I also spent a lot of my time on holding pens, forks, and knives between my fingers and pose in front of the mirror as a mini wolverine. But as I grew older, I thought to myself that I cannot be doing this for long. Not because I realized that holding 6 knives between your fingers is dangerous for a kid, but because there were often times that I didn't have enough knives and had to adjust with a mix and match of cutlery. So I decided to 'take matters in my own hand' and put the creative side of my brain to work to make myself these sexy wolverine claws. It took me about a week to finish but it was definitely worth the effort and time.


Metal strip 930 x 20 x 4 mm

Wood strip (according to your handle)

Some basic tools

Step 1: Designing

First, I went online and searched for a design that I liked. I wanted to make claws that look real, I selected a shape that matches the one in the movie. I resized the picture so that the length of the blade would be around 9" and printed it off. After which I cut out the design and started to search for the right material for the project.

The design that I have selected also shows the sharpened edges which helped further with the finishing.

Step 2: Shaping

After finalizing the design, I needed to select the material to make it. I love working with metals, so I went with a steel strip of a similar size, which turned out to be a good choice.

I took a 4 mm steel strip and chopped it off into six 9" pieces and bent them according to the shape of the design with the help of a hammer, which was quite easily done.

When all the pieces were shaped perfectly, I glued the template on the strip to cut the excess on the tip of the blade. I made the necessary cuts and made it round with an angle grinder.

Step 3: Sharpening

Once I was satisfied with the shape, I proceeded further with sharpening them as it might not be easy to sharp them after getting it all together. I used a flap sanding wheel so that I could work according to the template, and the tips of the blade looked pretty good.

I also welded two small metal strips to it which would later be attached to the handle. For that, I took some measurements by placing the blade on my knuckle, holding a pen in my fist. After which I measured the distance.

Step 4: Assembeling

To assemble the blades I made a wooden fixture by nailing some wooden pieces on a small ply. It helped in aligning the blades and holding them together during the process. After which I welded a 3" metal strip as a handle. I stretched the blades outside a little during the welding process so that it looked like it was expanding.

Making a handle was a little difficult for me as I wanted to make something that fits perfectly on the knuckles. But after some adjustment during the welding, it ended up to be perfect.

Step 5: Finishing

After welding it together, it started to look like Wolverine claws but the shine was missing. The next step would be to shine them and to add a grip on the handle.

To make them shine I decided to go with chrome plating because it gives a good shine and works best with mild steel. So, I started with an acid bath which got rid of all the rust and made it clean. After which I polished it properly so that the Chrome plating sticks nicely to it.

Once Chrome plating was done, my Wolverine blades had a pretty decent look, however, the grip was not that good. So, I added some wood strips on the handle using adhesive and clamped it for a strong bond.

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