Introduction: Portable Tennis Ball Speaker for Mp3 / Ipod With Amp

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In this Instructable you will learn how to make a pair of tennis ball speakers.
These are very easy to make, it took me 15 minutes on my first ones.


9v battery
9v battery clip
a tennis ball
An amp taken out of computer speakers ( look at this for how get a small amp. The smaller the better)
Small box to fit in your small amp
an old set of headphones
2 speakers with a diameter of no more than 5 and a half centimeters
10 cm of velcro

Lets get started............................

Step 1: Open the Tennis Ball

Get your tennis ball and draw round it so it is in half.

Than take something such as a pen knife or stanley knife and carefully cut the tennis ball open.
You then have two halves of a tennis ball.

Step 2: Holes

Punch small holes at the back of the tennis ball on each side with scissors or a stanley knife for the wire to go through

Step 3: Wires

Cut your old set of headphones just underneath the earpiece.
Strip off an inch of the plastic casing at the top
Feed one through the hole in one half and the other in the other half

Step 4: Soldering

Then correctly solder the wires to the right speakers. Making sure you do not burn the tennis ball.

Step 5: Finishing Off

Carefully pull the wire through the tennis ball to bring the speaker into place. If you wanted you could glue the edge of tame of the speaker to the side of the tennis ball.

Step 6: Velcro

Cut your velcro in half. One for each side of the tennis ball. Then on half of the velcro cut the furry side in half. As shown in the picture.

Then with the furry sides glue to the tennis ball where the two halfs meet. Look at picture if you need more help.

Do this on two section of the tennis ball one on the opposite side to the other.

Step 7: Amp

Get your amp and find a suitable size box for it. For mine I used a treasury tag box.

Firstly mark out were you will need to put holes for the buttons and switches. Then carefully cut them make holes in the box with a pencil or something. Slide in the circuit board making sure that all buttons are carefully aligned. Glue the board to the box so the board does not slide about.

Step 8: Battery

Slide the battery connected to the amp into the box. Do not glue this down because you will want to change the battery at some time. Make sure you have a small gap on one side of the box for the wires to go through.

Close up the box.

And try it.

Any constructive criticism welcome. : )

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