Introduction: Portal Companion Cube Pillow

For a Portal obsessed (and camera-shy) friend, I made this fleece Companion Cube Pillow. It would be an interesting idea to make an actual 6 panelled cube from this pattern. It would certainly make a pretty ornament.

I found the pillow's measurements by holding a ruler to a picture on my phone and scaling those measurements up. I drew the pattern on newspaper and traced the pieces off onto paper, luckily you won't need to do this as I have included the pattern pieces.

The pillow is roughly 50cm by 50cm and very huggable. The pattern is the same on both sides of the pillow.

Materials needed:

White and pink fabric amounts are rough estimates, any size that the pattern pieces will fit onto is perfect.

  • 50cm by 100cm piece of white fleece
  • 50cm by 25cm piece of pink fleece
  • 50cm by 100cm piece of grey fleece
  • Stuffing(proper pillow stuffing or rags etc. I used about 1 kilogram of pillow stuffing)
  • 45cm zipper in matching colour(optional but suggested as white fleece can get quite dirty rather quickly and might need a wash)
  • In the case of a zip, you will need to make a stuffing bag out of roughly 50cm by 100cm material of your choice(I used T-shirt material and the stretchiness helped when moving the stuffing around).
  • Needle and cotton to stitch pillow or stuffing bag shut.

Step 1: Pattern Pieces and Cutting

The pattern pieces must be printed on A4 paper(actual size, no scaling, fitting or aligning). I would suggest viewing the images full size before saving and printing them, just to make sure the won't end up tiny.

Pattern Piece Summation:

  • 2 circles cut from white fleece
  • 8 corner pieces cut from white fleece
  • 8 edge pieces cut from white fleece
  • 2 hearts cut from pink fleece
  • 4 strips 1cm wide and 50cm long cut from pink fleece(no pattern for this but it is straightforward)
  • 2 squares 50cm by 50cm cut from grey fleece(also straightforward)
  • 2 squares 50cm by 50cm for stuffing bag

Cut the number of pieces needed from their respective colours.

Step 2: Arrangement and Sewing

The white and pink pieces are sewn onto the grey squares and then the grey squares are sewn together.

A single row of straight stitch is sufficient to hold fleece together securely. Try to sew as close to the edge as possible to avoid turned up edges on the white and pink pieces.

Sewing Order:

This is also shown in the image. In case you can't read the writing, I added notes.

  1. Pin the pink heart(1) to the white circle(1), sew and set aside.
  2. Pin and sew the pink strips(2) to the grey square(1) - one at a time to keep them straight - making a plus sign that crosses in the centre of the square. Sew both edges of each strip to the square.
  3. Pin white corner pieces(4) to grey square and sew. The corners of these pieces have been cut off. The triangle of grey fleece sticking out must also be cut off.
  4. Pin white side pieces(4) and sew, positioning them on the edge between corner pieces.
  5. Pin heart and circle to centre of square, sew around edge of circle to secure.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the remaining square and pieces.
  7. Pin squares with patterned sides together and sew around edge; remembering to leave a 7-10cm opening for stuffing the pillow or remembering to put in a zip if you plan to.

If you are adding a zip, sew the stuffing bag squares together, all around the edge, leaving a gap wide enough for stuffing in the stuffing(7-10cm).

Step 3: Stuffing and Finishing


The most fun part of pillow making. Simply stuff a suitable amount of stuffing into your pillow or stuffing bag(I suggest putting the bag into the pillow if you made the bag from a stretchy material). Enough to make the pillow firm, yet squishable. Test firmness by giving the pillow a hug or squashing it against a table. Pillow firmness is subject to preference.

Arrange the stuffing by moving it around from the inside with your hand or massaging it into place from the outside, making sure it fills the corners well and doesn't form lumps in the pillow.


The stuffing hole must be sewn closed by hand with a ladder stitch, shown in the picture. Make sure to turn fabric edges inwards.


Enjoy a well deserved nap with your companion cube!

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