Portal Companion Cube Pt2

Introduction: Portal Companion Cube Pt2

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Hello again, we'll in the last part I made the companion cube and painted it up and made a little instructables which you can find here if you want to have a look :- https://www.instructables.com/id/Portal-Companion-Cube In this bit, like I explained at the end of the last one, I want to weather the cube and also make the inside more storage friendly, at the mo it's a web of screws and stuff, I'm going to line the cubes inside with something I can get cheap and make look ok, I looked into sticky backed felt but the cost was incredible for what I wanted it for so an alternative is needed!

Step 1: Sanding

Go steady! Not to much is always better

Step 2: Inside,

Just to finish off the inside I got some sticky back felt from the hardware store, £5 a roll, green was cheap :) and I liked the green,

Step 3: Done


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    9 years ago

    it would be nice to add amplifier and woofer it will look badass