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Hello, I'm new to this, and new to taking pictures of a build and measurements to show other people, I normally do most of it in my head or on bits of scrap etc etc, then it gets lost in translation, but I wanted to document a build just to see what it was like,and quite honestly writing it all down was the hard part, so apologies before hand for my loose descriptions and bad grammar, anyways here's my take on a portal companion cube, enjoy, please feel free to leave feed back, pros and cons and what I've done wrong or right,or any technics that would have saves me time, thanks for looking! :) From birch ply 18mm (corners) and 9mm ( pretty much everything else)
 Patient wife,
Table saw,
 Bandsaw(with adjustable bed),
A new pencil coz the old one broke,
Set square,
Anything else you feel would be useful,
Screws ( and a driver),
Workplace that let's you have off cuts,
More coffee,
Paint (primer and pink),

Step 1: 1

After deciding to make a portal cube, I did, I wanted it to be fairly large, but not 1:1 scale as it would be 3 foot squared! So I went with about 14 inch squared, first thing I did was make the main body, that way I could figure out my lines etc,

Step 2: 2

Working out! After studying many images on the interweb and the games, I had a rough idea on dimensions!

Step 3: Or C

Ok so after making the main body and figuring out the sizes I wanted to start on the corners, ( by the way, the main body is 9mm birch ply, 12inch square, and yes, I work on mm and in inches so bare with me!) the corners I knew where gonna be a pain, but I figured if I make a box, glue and draw out all my lines I can do all corners to the correct size and it'll be solid enough to sand and fill as one unit, then split the box to make the corners, like so

Step 4: Or IV

Remember to look at references! ! !

Step 5: Or 1+4

Cutting, so after mustering up the courage to start the cuts on the corner boxes, I did just that, I drilled out the centres and used a jigsaw to cut out the middles, REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR BLADES STRAIGHT!, as I moved around the box, I got carried away and didn't check the blade, towards the end my blade had warped, no biggie to be fair, because the next step would sort it!

Step 6: Fitting

Right so, small box cut up and placed to see what it looks like, pretty happy with the sizes, ( the corners are made from 18mm birch ply, because the main box is 12 inch, and figuring out the spacing, I thought this would be best, also it'll tie in with the centre pieces when I do them from 9mm, again checking my references ! ) where was I? Aw yes, coffee!

Step 7: Having a Muck Up

Corners of corners!

I guessed about 40 degree corners on the corners looked about right, so I set up my table saw and gingerly cut the degrees on all the corners, sorry there's no action shots, but it's pretty standard cuts, just go steady and always check with previous cuts that they look the same, also set the saw to 3mm with a stop guard and did the middle cut in the main body box

Step 8: Or One Fat Lady

More corners, this time the semi circle bit, for this I set up my bandsaw bed at 45 degrees and was just careful! I wanted to use a router but I didn't have a bit that had a cutting face of over an inch

Step 9: Getting There

Step 9, is middle of box sides, a little 2 inch section that follows the same circle profile as the out side big corners,( it's hard to explain, I hope the pictures help! Coz I'm lost trying to explain the parts!) they need routing 45 degrees on the front, and on the back of the longer ones, I also cut out the centre circles for the heart bit to go on, ( 6 inch )

Did a little bit of a mock up too

( I don't recommend routing this way in the picture, if I had a table that would be safer!)

Step 10: Or X

Parts so far, pretty much all the bits I need, little bit of routing to do, then a sanding, then decide on bondo and primer or build up then bondo and primer?! Hmmm coffee and a think is needed!

My wife said I should make it useable, make the top open to use it as storage or something, think ill give that a go, seems like a good idea to me, always welcome fresh ideas!

Step 11: II

Final build!

Final build was a case of setting out the bits and drilling the main body, then screwing them into place from the inside,that way it's all nice and tidy, no screw holes to fill etc, took my time to make sure it was all good,

I spilt the top from the bottom and made it so it can be opened as a storage box, with time I'm gonna felt the inside I think

Step 12: Or Nearly Finished!

Paint! ( well primer, first coat, gonna chill the rest of the night, tomorrow ill sand and primer again)

Sand and primer again!

Step 13: Paint

2 primers and sanding later, I started on the lighter grey, gonna let that dry, whilst it drys ill start drawing out the heart for the circles

Set out the hearts and looked again at the game cube, not all the hearts face the same way so messed about with that for a bit, ( I got one of the spacing wrong so gonna repaint it tomorrow) but yeah, that's about it really.

Step 14: Or the End.......

So that's my first instructable, please be gentle! There's a few things I would do different when I make another, and painting isn't my strong point I need to get better at that, also I would like to weather my cube, but that's for another time, Thank you for looking, hope this helps if your wanting to make one, if not, sorry, you'll never get that 5 minutes back now! Just think what you could have done instead:- Made a cuppa,
Gone for a poo,
Messed with your phone settings,
Held your breath,twice!,
Eaten a muffin,
Played a bit'o'portal,
Played with the dog,
Upset the cat,
Washed a window,
Had 40 winks,
Etc etc i could go on, but I won't, thanks again and keep making!! :) x

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