Introduction: Poseidon Mousetrap Car

So you may know a mousetrap but have you heard of a mousetrap car. Well a mousetrap car is when you use some stuff from home or the internet or buys some supply from store. A mousetrap is you make a small like car that can be control by mousetrap and works. It can be big or small and long or wide, it's your design.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment

Have heard about greeks god and know Poseidon, god of sea, horse, earthquake and is brothers with Zeus and Hades. Well if you don't it is okay but I will be making a Poseidon mousetrap. For now here is what you need,

4 old or not useful DvD [I forget to add one more]

a moustrap

three blue shiny pipe cleaner

a yellow pipe cleaner

two gold pipe cleaner

box cutter



dowels/ skewer

zip tide



hot glue gun

Step 2: Body of the Mousetrap Car and Trident

So first you need to do is get you box cutters and some cardboard and you need the two gold pipe cleaner and the yellow ones as well but first you need a cardboard to a rectangle. Then, you cut it to half but both need need to be at least 4 inches for the width and the length like the one with a dowel. Now then after that you need the two gold pipe cleaner and make them look like pitchfork. For the yellow pipe cleaner into triangles, then attach them to trident.

Step 3: The Waves

After the last step I forgot to add another part but you need a cardboard rectangle look like. Then you hot glue the two square to the rectangle and look like that picture of So next step is to get your box cutters or a exacto knife and make the top in to waves. Do it to the other side and then it show like the finished one then add the trident on the middle.

Step 4: Bonus

If fell a little creative you could add an ocean or sea wave for both sides. You could two shiny blue pipe cleaner and also make