Introduction: Post-It Notepads

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Everyone uses Post-It notes. I like making small gifts but it is hard to think of things that are both useful and reasonably inexpensive. These are a fun stocking stuffer or gift for office mates, teachers, manicurist or just about anyone. And they are a good way to show off many kinds of handicrafts.

Step 1: Ingredients

Post It notes! The instructions here are for 3" squares but you can use any size - just adjust the dimensions. Please be aware the the recycled packs are only 75 sheets and the regular ones are 100, so you have to know which you will use before you start folding. I use both types in this Instructable.

Card stock and craft paper. Card stock is needed for the backing but a lighter paper can be used for the decorative layers. I sometimes get mixed packs of card stock at the craft store using my weekly "50% off one item" coupon. I have a lot of paper on hand as I do a lot of paper crafts.

Embellishments. You can make these yourself or buy them at the craft store. In this Instructable I use tea bag folded medallions, polymer clay cookie-cutter shapes, card stitching designs and store bought wooden tokens. This Instructable will not cover making the embellishments.

Step 2: Supplies

You need to cut the paper - how you do that is up to you! I used all of these while making the notepads in this Instructable: scissors, X-acto knife and paper cutter.

Glue and other fasteners. I use tape squares in a lot of places where I need to get thinner paper stuck together, but for most of this I use glue - regular craft glue. I put the glue in a smaller container and use a small paint brush to apply it.

Binder clips, pencil and ruler.

Not shown here but seen in the images below - an old magazine or catalog. I use this for a gluing and cutting surface. When one page gets goopy or sliced up, I just rip it off and have a fresh surface to work on.

Step 3: Pick and Cut Your Paper

First step is to pick the paper or papers you want to use. I try to have the backing paper and at least one decorative layer, but that is not always possible depending on the size of your embellishments.

Your backing paper should be cut into a rectangle with the following dimensions:

100 piece pads: 3.25" by 6.75"

75 piece pads: 3.25' x 6.625"

Your decorative layer should be 3" square if you have just one piece. If you want to get fancy, you can adjust the size of the decorative layer, add multiple layers or even make it a circle!

After you cut the pieces, fit them together to make sure you got what you were planning on and that you like the finished look.

Step 4: Fold and Glue

First step is to mark 3.25" from one end of your backing paper. Using your ruler, fold and crease along that mark.

Place the Post-it pad you plan to use with the upper edge snug against the fold you just made.

Fold the rest of the backing paper over and lightly crease the other fold to wrap around the top. Take out the Post-it pad and align the sides to make sure you have a straight fold before creasing it. You should now have the card stock folded into a U-shape with very long uprights.

Brush on glue in the inside bottom of the U-shape and about 1/3 of the way down the back side. Put the Post-it pad in and briefly press the glued parts together with your fingers.

Step 5: Attach Embellishments

Test out your embellishment layers again to make sure they are right. Once you know which way you want to position them, glue them on to the top by painting glue across the back.

I make a lot of these at one time, so I can not hold each one until it is dry enough to set free. I use binder clips to hold down the glued edges. If you are having problems getting the glue to adhere along the top edge of the Post-it pad, push a couple of binder clips as close as you can to that edge.

If you have an embellishment that could be bruised, use a piece of scrap paper to protect it.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Creations