Introduction: Post-It Origami Icosahedron

Here I show you how to make origami icosahedron from 30 sonobe pieces.

Step 1: Fold Post-it in Half Glued Side Inside

Step 2: Fold Bottom and Top in the Center

Step 3: Fold Both Corners on the Upper Line

Step 4: Wrap It Up

Step 5: Fold the Corners Over

Step 6: Make a Square and Fold It Into Triangle

Step 7: Make 30 Sonobe Units

Step 8: Place Three Units Together to Form a Triangular Pyramid

Make them in cycle of 5.

Step 9: Build It - It's Like a Puzzle

Just form triangles and you will see form shaping. 

Step 10: Alternative Method for Building

You can also build 2 cycles of 5 pyramids separately. In one of them connect middle from pyramids and then connect the top from ready cycle of 5 pyramids.

Step 11: Now You Have Nice Modular Origami to Decorate Your Desktop

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