Introduction: Posters for a Parade

About: I am a 7th grade teacher at High Tech Middle Media Arts in San Diego! All of the Instructables are published by my students.

By Eden Brackbill

Our seventh grade class from High Tech Middle Media Arts is making a float for the Ocean Beach parade. If you haven't heard of Ocean Beach, it is a community beach in San Diego. We are making this float for the The Animal Pad, a non-profit organization that saves dogs from killing shelters and off the streets of Mexico. We are making this float to convince more people to adopt and foster animals, or donate to The Animal Pad. One of the ways we try to highlight the mission of this float, is through posters that communicate clearly the message the float is trying to represent. These poster will be easy to make if you follow the instructions below.

Materials you will need to make the posters:

  • Paint Pencil
  • 1-2 wooden rulers per poster
  • Paint brushes
  • Poster board
  • Preferred fast drying glue

Step 1: ​Step 1. Sketching

The first thing we did was sketch out what we are going to say on to the poster board. Make sure that the font is real big and thick, so that people will be able to easily read it. Our posters said things like, “save the dogs,” and “adopt from the animal pad.”

Step 2: ​Step 2. Painting

Once you've finished sketching it out, you can start painting them. You will want to have multiple sized paint brushes to fit your font size. Make sure to have white paint as well, so if you make a mistake, you can cover it up.

Step 3: ​Step 3. Handle

This step is optional, you can hold the poster by the edges or you can glue 1-2 wooden rulers to the bottom of the poster as a handle to hold from. You may also paint the rulers to make your poster more professional. Make sure that when your poster/s is drying, it is on a flat surface, because it can bend if not.

This is our final product. Please note recommendations to ensure highest quality posters. We hope you have found these instructions useful.