Introduction: Pot Holders

Disclaimer: I did not create this pattern.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  • Scraps of cotton or linen fabric
  • Lightweight cotton quilt batting
  • Thermal batting (Insul-bright)
  • Bias tape maker and wonder clips
  • Coordinating thread.
  • Rotary cutter & rotary mat
  • Sewing ruler

Step 2: Cutting/Prepping Fabric

  • Cut two 9" squares from fabric
  • Cut two 9"x6 1/2" rectangles from fabric
  • Cut one 9" square from thermal batting
  • Cut one 9" square and one 9"x6 1/2" rectangle from quilt batting
  • Cut and make 1/2" double-fold bias binding about 45" long (2" wide when unfolded)

Step 3: Putting Pieces Together

  1. Place squares of fabric wrong sides together.
  2. Sandwich the squares of thermal batting and quilt batting between the layers.
  3. Quilt through all layers by sewing horizontal lines, spaced about 1 1/2" apart, across the width of the potholder.

Step 4: Putting Pieces Together

  1. Place smaller rectangles of fabric wrong sides together.
  2. Sandwich the rectangle of quilt batting between the layers.
  3. Quilt through all the layers by sewing horizontal lines, spaced 1 1/2" apart

This is the pocket piece

Step 5: Make Sides Even

  1. Trim uneven edges of quilted pieces using a rotary cutter.

Step 6: Adding Binding

  • Add bias binding to one long edge of the pocket piece
  • Place one raw edge of the bias binding right sides together with the pocket edge.
  • Stitch with a 1/2" seam allowance, in the first fold of the binding.
  • Press binding up

Step 7: Sewing the Binding

  • Fold the binding over and line up the folded edge on the back of the pocket so that it covers the stitching line from the front and extends about 1/8" beyond it. Clip it or pin it in place.
  • On the front side of the pocket, stitch in the ditch (where the seams meet), catching the back side of the binding in the stitching.
  • It would be best to hand-stitch the back side of the binding, to get the straight line on the binding.

Step 8: Putting Pocket and Potholder Piece Together

  • Place the pocket on the square potholder piece and pin it in place.
  • Begin sewing the binding to the top left corner of the pot holder, right sides together as you did on the pocket.
  • At each corner, stop and fold the fabric 90 degrees and tuck it under the presser foot.
  • Slowly make a couple stitches catching the folded corner
  • Leave the needle down and pivot the potholder
  • Move the binding so that you don't catch any extra layers as you round the corner.
  • Continue sewing the binding until you reach the first corner.
  • Stop and backstich right at the edge of the first line of binding.

Step 9: Forming the Ends

  1. Trim the corners
  2. Press and fold the binding to the back, lining up the edge about 1/8" past the line of binding stitching, as you did with the pocket.
  3. Trim the beginning of the binding to meet the edge of the potholder
  4. Trim the end, leaving a 6" tail.
  5. Tuck the beginning edge into the tail binding.
  6. Fold the end of the the binding tail around and tuck it in the corner to form a loop

Step 10: Sewing the Binding

In this part you can either hand-stitch the back of the binding or use the machine to sew.

If you machine stitch:

  1. Topstitch along the folded edges of the tail and tuck it back in
  2. Machine stitch on the front of the potholder, in the ditch, all the way around.
  3. Try to stop and make nice tucks in the corner as you go, or hand-stitch the back of the binding using a ladder stitch

You can also tack the corners with little hand stitches too

When you get to the loop, hand-stitch all of the loose ends including the inside of the loop

Step 11: Finished Product

Enjoy the finished product!!


Sewing a simple potholder