Introduction: Potpourri Diffuser

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Recently I bought 'Scented Potpourri'.Not able to buy a potpourri diffuser, I decided to build one by myself.

Things you will need while making it are listed below.

  1. Potpourri
  2. Glass jar
  3. Cloth (suitable for your theme).
  4. fabric glue/hot glue.
  5. Cutter.
  6. Shells, buttons for decoration.
  7. Jute lace.

Step 1: Cutting the Cap

For this project, I made a basic structure using a glass jar with a plastic cap. The moto for using a plastic cap as it is easy for cutting.

Cut the top of the plastic cap with a cutter. Cut it in a way such that you can fit the cloth in the jar just like shown in the above image.

Step 2: Filling Potpourri

This is a simple step, just open the pack of potpourri and fill it in the glass jar.It is advised to wear the gloves.If you want you can add shells,Pebbles etc. to decorate it. You can also use paint to decorate the glass jar.

Step 3: Final Finishing

For a good finish, Cut a cloth and put it on the jar and put on the cap. I added an eye to my model. I used a button to serve this purpose.