Introduction: Pour Paint

Acrylic Paint


Anything to stir paint


Pouring medium

Step 1: Pick Your Colors

First you need to pick the colors you would like to use. Pour each different color in its own cup. Not much paint is needed, only about the size of a half dollar coin.

Step 2: Pouring Medium

Take the pouring medium, and put a 1 cup of it in each color of paint. Mix until the color shows.

Step 3: Mixing

The combination of pouring medium and the paint creates a great neon bright color. This is what you should get after mixing thoroughly.

Step 4: Pouring the Paint Into a New Cup

Now with each color mixed, take one color and pour half of the paint into a brand new cup. Take another color, and create a color pattern. After the first round of pouring, in the same order, empty the cups of paint into that other cup containing all the colors.

Step 5: Covering the Canvas

This step is optional. Covering the canvas in white paint helps the other paint spread easily.

Step 6: Fun Step!

Take your canvas and place it on top of the cup. Hold the cup onto the canvas, and flip it over so that the cup is sitting on top of the canvas.

Step 7: Best Part

Lift the cup up, and watch your paint do it's magic. The paint will spread but may not cover the entire canvas, so you will need to lift it up and tilt it until all fur corners are covered with paint.

Step 8: Final Product

Let your project sit for about 4-7 days to dry and create air bubbles. The air bubbles will eventually pop, creating awesome effects. After the paint is dry, you could put gloss medium on it to give it that shiny look.

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