Introduction: Power Soccer Goalie Marker

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Power Soccer (also known as Powerchair Football) is indoor soccer played by athletes in power wheelchairs. Teams wear their team colors. The goalie is usually designated by wearing a different color than their teammates. Since it can be time consuming for players in wheelchairs to change shirts this instructable will teach you how to make a "marker" that quickly attaches to the goalie's wheelchair and designates them as the goalie.

Beneficial design elements of this device include:

  • Marker is easily visible from all directions
  • Device clamps quickly and securely to headrest, seat back or other rear chair structural components
  • Reduces the time needed to make the substitution in the goalie position

Step 1: Start With a Can of Pringles

For this project you'll need

  • an empty Pringles or tennis ball canister
  • exacto or utility knife
  • wood scraps
  • 18" length 1/2" x 1/2" wood
  • hammer and nail
  • 2" spring clamp
  • electrical tape
  • scroll saw or jigsaw
  • cordless drill
  • glue or hot glue
  • tape measurer or ruler
  • screws
  • small washers


  • printer
  • laminator

Step 2: Prepare the Lid

What you will basically be doing is cutting a hole in the plastic lid to accommodate the 1/2" x 1/2" piece of wood. You can also reinforce the lid with a piece of wood - as the plastic lid will wear and tear over time. I used hot glue to secure the wooden circle to the lid.

Step 3: Secure the Wood to the Can

Drill a pilot hole in one end of the 1/2"x1/2" wood. Tap a hole in the end of the Pringles can. Feed the wood through the lid and secure to the bottom of the can with a screw and washer.

Step 4: Finish Up and Play!

Finish your Goalie Marker by adding strips of alternating colors of duct tape or print out the graphics. (files in Step 1) These graphics were printed on 11"x17" paper. If you don't have an oversized printer you may need to piece together the graphic. I also laminated my graphics for durability. Use electrical tape to secure the printed graphics on to your can. Secure the wood stick to the clamp with electrical tape. When using this device teams are able to take less time when rotating players into the goalie position.

Note: The person attaching the marker should make sure the clamp is securely attached to the powerchair

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