Introduction: Supply the Flysky FS-I6 Controller With Micro USB or 2V to 6V Battery

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  • Flysky FS-I6 controller (this hack may work with other controllers)

  • Wires,...

Step 1: Open the Controller

Step 2: Locate the Battery Input

Step 3: Set the Step Up Module to 6V

This controller work with 4x AA batteries (1.5V), the max voltage is thus 6V.

Step 4: Solder the StepUp Module to the Battery Input (and Test the Controller)

Step 5: Drill a Hole in the Controller and Stick the StepUp Module

You can also add 2 wires to the StepUp input to have Micro USB OR a battery (2V to 6V) as a power input

Step 6:

You can now power the controller with an USB cable or with any other power source (a cell from a lipo battery, solar panel, li-ion battery, ...)

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