Introduction: Predator

Predator costume completely handmade by an Industrial design student

Step 1: Helmet

The helmet is made of cardboard and tape

Step 2: Helmet

for volume apply Unicel, and on top of the Unicel I put a light layer of clay.

Step 3:

To finish the helmet you paint it with a silver spray base and on top apply black spray and give texture with a plastic bag

Step 4: ABS

To the abs I used moldable Foamy, let it dry for two days and paste it in a black T-shirt with silicone

Step 5: ABS

To finish the abs I put several layers of latex and painted it

Step 6: Armor

The armor is also made of cardboard lined with Foamy and a layer of Resistol to apply spray

Step 7: Feet

Then I shaped the foot with sponge and with cloth cover the boot

Step 8: Feet

apply latex to the foot, paint it and let it dry

Step 9: Hair

For the hair use a tube cover and the thermoform with a heat gun

Step 10: Spear

To give it a plus I added a spear made of two wooden sticks lined with moldable Foamy and painted with white acrylic paint

Step 11: Taraaan

Final result you already have your predator

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Really nice job putting this costume together!

    You should consider entering the Halloween Contest :)