Introduction: Preparing for 2019 Gardening (PHASE 2)

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In the instructable "Preparing for 2019 Gardening (PHASE1)" I described what I had done to prepare for gardening in 2019. In this instructable I will document what action I have taken regarding the happenings in Phase 1. I have disposed of all seedlings as I proved I could grow carrots and leeks.No luck with parsnips or strawberries. The two potato samples are doing well, specially the cutting.two shoots.

Step 1: 2018-12-22

Have disposed of the germination box , will configure the full growing space for the germination of the real plants in 2019. The potatoes are growing fast. Made new compact box for the plants. New box more compact and taller, needs only one light bulb now. At the rate the potatoes are growing I may need to increase the height of the box. Have decided that for this coming year after the plants put out real leaves they will be placed in the bigger pots to allow for increasing the root ball of the tomato plants by putting more soil in the pots as they grow.Some of you may think I am being anal about this but my 2017 gardening experience was terrible as far as potatoes go. I spent money on seed potatoes and all I got for my efforts were 5 to 6 foot plants. ZERO potatoes. I don't want a repeat in 2019.

Step 2: Inspecting the Root of Potato Cutting

20181230 uprooted potato cutting, healthy root system, plant healthy and tall as well for less than a month after planting 20181204 , leaving single potato plant until parsnips germinate, and then will transplant, still no parsnips. using one single daylight CFL bulb.