Introduction: Preschool Pumpkin Magnets or Pins

Hearty Clay

Pumpkin ice cube tray

Acrylic paint in orange and black

Permanent marker

Mod Podge

Wiggle eyes

Magnets or pin backs

Glue gun

Baby powder

Step 1: Fill the Ice Cube Tray or Molds With the Clay

Optionally, you can cut the silicone molds apart so each person has their own mold.

Dust each mold with a tiny bit of baby powder.

Tear off bits of clay and push into the pumpkin mold until just filled

Step 2: Dry and Paint and Add Pin or Magnet

Set near a register to dry overnight and then gently pop the pumpkins out of the mold and let dry another day.

Paint the pumpkins, however you like and let dry. Speed up the dry time with a hair dryer.

Use Mod Podge to attach the eyes. Draw a mouth with a permanent marker.

Glue a magnet or pin back to the back.

TIP: If pumpkins have any rough edges, file the dried clay away with a nail file.

Hearty Clay from ACTIVA

Ice cube trays from the Dollar Tree

Mod Podge and Folk Art paints from Plaid Enterprises

Designed by Candie Cooper

Step 3: Enjoy Crafting With Your Children