Introduction: Preserve Insects in Resin

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Do you have an insect you would like to display in a cool and interesting fashion? Then, you might be interested in preserving it in resin. Work in a well ventilated area. Make an attempt not to get any on your hands. It is very hard to clean off. I'm aware that another Instructable has been posted on this but my way is simpler and appeals to those that don't have a table saw.

Step 1: Materials

Casting resin, Specimen, Ice cube tray or other ideal mold, Catalyst, Mixing cup (DO NOT USE STYROFOAM), Stirring stick

Step 2: Measure

Measure the depth of the ice tray well. If you buy resin that comes with catalyst, the package will tell you how much catalyst to add.

Step 3: Fill

Fill your well halfway. Place your specimen. Wait a little bit. Be patient. If you don't wait, your specimen will surface. Do not allow it to drift or it will dry abnormally. While waiting for your specimen to stay in place, cover it with something. Polyester resin does not cure in the presence of air. Cover the rest of your subject after 5 minutes.

Step 4: Dry

Set it in a clean and dry area. It will harden eventually. Curing times will vary depending on how much resin is used. Cover tray with card board or anything to prevent air contact.

Step 5: Pop It Out

Carefully, remove your creation from the tray. Be careful not to break it. Wait for 10 hours just to be safe. This will allow for maximum curing.

Step 6: Display

Voila, you have a beautiful specimen encased in resin. Display it on your shelf and amaze your guests. I would advise you not to put it in your drink as it is a toxic chemical.

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