Introduction: Pressed Leaf Bookmarks

These bookmarks are a great way to use the dried pressed leaves many of us have sitting in books or flower presses since last fall.

Step 1: Supplies

  • Pressed leaves
  • An assortment of colored paper
  • Cutting tools (we used a rotary paper trimmer, but scissors are fine)
  • Laminating film
  • Silicon release paper
  • Iron/ironing board

An infrared thermometer is shown. This is helpful to get an idea the iron's temperature, but it is not necessary. The temperature of irons tends to vary quite a bit. T

he best way to make sure the laminating process is going to work is to do a test run with a scrap of paper and a piece of the laminating film prior to making the bookmarks.

Step 2: Select the Leaf/paper Combination

Different paper colors highlight different aspects of each leaf. We like to put a border of a second color behind the main sheet, but a single sheet of paper works well too.

Step 3: Cut the Paper to Size

Using the leaf as a guide, cut the main backing (yellow in the photo).

Cut the backing border sheet (green in the photo) slightly larger than the main sheet.

Lay the leaf on top of the two pieces of cut paper. If you like what you see, you are ready for the next step.

Step 4: Set the Iron

Iron temperatures vary. It is best to do a test run with a scrap of paper and a small piece of laminating film.

Somewhere in the middle of the synthetic range on the iron is a good place to start.

The iron is hot enough if the laminating film sticks together and the white coating turns clear on your test run.

*Remember to use silicon release paper for any test runs.

Step 5: Place the Bookmark Pieces on the Ironing Board

Lay a piece of release paper on the ironing board with the silicon surface face up.

Open up a piece of laminating film and place it on the release paper with the white coating facing up.

Position the paper backing and leaf on the film and carefully fold the film over to cover the them.

Put a second piece of release paper on top with the silicon surface facing down.

Make sure that the two pieces of release paper are big enough to completely cover the laminating film.

Step 6: Iron

Move the hot iron over the bookmark pieces sandwiched in the release paper for about 20 to 30 seconds.

Apply a steady force while moving the iron to cover the entire area.

Step 7: Remove From the Ironing Board

Remove the top piece of release paper and take a look at the laminating film.

The bookmark is ready to be trimmed if the white coating has turned completely clear around the bookmark.

Step 8: Trim

Trim excess laminating film from around the bookmark

Step 9: Enjoy Your Work

Find a place in a good book for your bookmark.