Introduction: Pretty Kitty Halloween Costume

So many Halloween costumes put their attention on gore and horror. I'm kind of old school and prefer a sweet and not scary Halloween. So I paired this adorable kitty cat makeup with my hand knitted hat to create a Halloween costume you actually make and wear to your child's school.

The makeup is 4 steps, and all made from drug store products.

1. Fix your eyes like you would if you were going someplace special. So a little more than an everyday look

2. Apply bronzer all around your face to add contour and warmth.

3. Brush white on your upper lip.

4. Use black eyeliner to create the nose, lip and whiskers.

The hat is my Foxy Lady Hat Knitting Pattern and available in both my etsy and ravelry shops. It uses craft store yarn and is easy to make. If you can knit in-the-round, you can make this hat in an evening.

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Thanks and I hope you enjoy!


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