Introduction: Prevent Caulk/Construction Adhesive From Drying Out/Hardening Quickly in Open Cartridges

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Quick Instructable on how to prevent an open caulk/construction adhesive tube from drying out quickly.

1. Open caulk/construction adhesive tube
2. Latex glove
3. Scissors
4. Rubber bands

Step 1: Cut Glove

1. Cut the pinky finger off a latex glove

2. Cut a thumb off the same latex glove.

3. Set aside the glove for use on future open tubes.

Step 2: Place Onto Open Spout

1. Place cut pinky finger onto open spout.

2. Place the cut thumb over the pinky finger on spout.

3. This will give double protection from the air.

Step 3: Wrap Rubber Bands

1. Squeeze the air out before your wrap the rubber bands.

2. Wrap rubber bands around both cut fingers to secure them to the spout.

3. This should keep the air out for some time and keep the caulk/adhesive from hardening.

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