Introduction: Prince Purple Rain

My son came up with the idea of Prince Purple Rain the day after Price passed away. He called me and asked me if I would have the time to do so. As we all know , Prince has so many different outfits to choose from and he was at a point on not knowing which one to choose for his costume. I suggested that the Purple Rain costume would be the best. He agreed.

The coat is calf length long and is made from purple heavy weight satin fabric. The coat is fully lined with matching color purple polyester fabric. On the right chest is a placard that has over 200 chrome plated steel pyramid studs. On the left chest area is a welted pocket that contains a handmade hankie with whit lace. There are epaulettes on the shoulders and on the sleeves of the jacket. There is a matching belt on the back of the coat with a square belt buckle with rhinestones. 10 buttons that look like studs are used on the coat. The jacket was tailored to fit.

The shirt has a very high collar and has 4 layers of ruffling on the front. The hard about the shirt was trying to figure out how to make the ruffling without having to wear an ascot. The shirt is unbuttoned from the front and has pearl buttons down the front. The cuffs have ruffling as well.

The trousers are made from black stretch velvet. There is a half V placard on the front. The waistband is approximately four inches high and has two buttons on it. The half V placard has f our buttons on it. There are buttons on the outside of the trousers starting at the crotch line and are four inches apart to the hem of the trousers. The difficult thing here, was making the trousers fit then adding the placard to fit the pants.

There is a guitar strap on the guitar that I made of minky zebra print.

My son entered into two Halloween Costume Contest and won both with 1st Place Nominations.

There were no commercial patterns used in any of the pieces of this costume!

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