Introduction: Printable LED Lamp

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This is a printable LED lamp with WS2812 LEDs. They can be powered via USB, power supply or with an Arduino.

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Step 1: Parts to Print

Find all parts you need on Thingiverse.

All parts are printed in PLA. The outer coil should be printed as vase-mode. The only part which needs support is the bottom. Print it in the orientation it is saved as.

Print a case of your desire

1x bottom (needs support)

1x bottom cover

1x inner coil

1x outer coil

1x top (print your preferred part)

1x base_polypanel (for polypanels from MakeAnything)

1x top_polypanel (for polypanels from MakeAnything)

Step 2: Parts You Need (BOM)

Here is the list with all necessary parts for the LED lamp

1x LED strip (I recommend at least 2m)

1x Power Switch

6x M4 x 12mm screws

4x M3 x 6mm screws

Step 3: Base

Attach the power switch and the power plug to the bottom plate (If you want to power the lamp with a power supply). Otherwise you don't need them.

Use two M4 x 12mm flat head screws to mount the inner coil to the base plate.

Step 4: Electronic (LED)

As I wanted to power the lamp with a power supply, I unsoldered the USB cable and soldered the LED receiver to the power connector. Hereby I have a clean body.

Step 5: Done

Use the outer coil as a diffuser for the LEDs and put the top on you prefer.

You can secure the top with four M3 x 6mm screws.

Here you find the parts for the polypanel top