Introduction: Printable Perpetual Calendar

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This is a printable perpetual calendar I designed for a large format print to be mounted to galvanized steel and set in a large mirror frame that I found many years ago and can't decide what to do with.

I don't have the time nor inclination to count days, so I thought this might be handy if I remembered to move the markers.

It doesn't have a year because even though I don't usually know what day it is and sometimes have no idea what month it is, I'm almost always sure what year it is. And if I'm not, that just means I'm having a helluva good time, in which case, who cares what year it is?

Step 1: Markers and Ideas

The "pointers" in this drawing are intended to be smoked glass with imbedded magnets but could be anything you want.

You could also stencil it on a chalkboard and just use chalk to keep track of the days and, of course, you don't have to make it as large as it was designed to be. You could just print a small one, laminate it to an Altoid tin or something and use it as a desk calendar.

Change the color, remake it in a favorite font or do whatever you want with it. I had it on my desktop for a while, using to make new .pngs so I could change it everyday, with the intention of figuring out some way to just use the calendar part as a desktop image and make a slideshow of transparent images with little frames that would act as as a sort of overlay, but pfft. I only got as far as "That would be so cool!" and lost interest.