Procrastinator's Work-From-Home-Guide

Introduction: Procrastinator's Work-From-Home-Guide

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Working from home has become an important part of the Covid-19 era. The at-home worker can be productive while maintaining community safety. There are many tips to help make home-working efficient and more do-able.

But . . . what about the at-home procrastinator?


You need:

· Work—This means that you have a job of some sort.

· A Home—This means that you have a place to live, be it house, apartment, or Mongolian yurt.

· You—This means . . . . . you.

Organization is the key to working at home, and it can also help the procrastinator:

· What do you not want to do?

· What do you want to do instead?

These are important questions!

With a little effort and perseverance, it is possible to build your whole schedule around procrastination!

Step 1: Sleep

This is the foundation, the cornerstone of procrastination. Sleep gives you the energy you need to not do what you are supposed to do.

Step 2: Get Dressed?

If you are at home, who is to know if you are dressed or not? Don’t worry about it!

Step 3: Eat!

Of course! You need to eat. Isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Step 4: Watch TV

There are so many shows to watch, but avoid the news. It’s too depressing!

Step 5: Clean?

Nah, forget that one. It's too much like work!

Step 6: Social Networking

Find out what your friends aren't doing.

Step 7: Snack!

After seeing all the posts of what people are eating, you have to have something!

Step 8: Shop Online

Amazon, QVC, and all the rest are there, waiting to help you rebuild the economy. Do your part!

Step 9: Bake Like It’s Christmas!

You need to have something for future snacks!

Step 10: Games

Games stimulate the mind, right? You can stimulate your brain for hours on end!

Step 11: Eat

Of course! You need to eat. Isn’t lunch the most important meal of the middle of the day?

Step 12: Nap

After you eat, your body needs to rest so it can digest that meal. That’s what a boa constrictor does, doesn’t it?

Step 13: Snack

Napping is exhausting! Build up your energy!

Step 14: Watch Pet Videos

It’s a lift for your soul.

Step 15: Eat

Isn’t dinner the most important meal of the evening? Who needs to cook? Why do you think they invented home delivery?

Step 16: Watch Movies

There are so many options. Late-night channels, DVD, Blu-Ray, Streaming. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Step 17: Snack

A reward for making it through another exhausting day of procrastination.

Step 18: Reading

A good book can replace any activities except eating, snacking, sleeping, or napping.

Step 19: Sleep

You’ve had a busy day. Now is the time for you to relax . . . so you’ll be ready to procrastinate again, tomorrow.


Exercise—Lifting food to your mouth strengthens your arm and jaw muscles.

Learn a language—Talk to your cat. Dr. Dolittle could do it. Why not you?


I hope you enjoyed this Instructable, but I do hope you realize that it was all in fun.

In other words…….GET TO WORK!

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    Hilarious. I enjoyed reading this. I kinda relate to being a "boa constrictor" LOL


    2 years ago on Step 12

    Brilliant. I could have written a less good version myself but I was too busy. Napping.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Napping--Nature's way of saying, "See, you haven't paced yourself well enough before bedtime!" In our family, we like to take "a nap before we go to bed."


    2 years ago

    Your instructable is hilarious and very true to life....


    Reply 2 years ago

    Actually, it's very true to MY life. Some of those photos were shot for this Instructable, but more than I would care to admit were already on my phone or computer! Thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting. Creating these how-tos has made my sheltering time more enjoyable. I'm supposed to go back to work next week, but I'll keep watching for interesting contests to enter.