Introduction: Programming LinkIt One in Linux (no WiNE)

In one of my previous instructable, I showed how to use Arduino IDE in linux to program LinkIt One. But that solution required installation of WiNE to run PackTag tool. Recently Seedstudio has provided an open source python implementation of PackTag binary in one of their RePhone repository.

In this instructable, i will show how to use this to program your LinkIt One in Linux.

Advantages are

  1. Much faster than previous solution
  2. No WiNE installation required

Things Required

  1. LinkIt One
  2. Working internet connection

Step 1: Get

This assumes you have completed Step.1 of previous instructable.

Now follow these steps

  1. Download and save it in your computer. (Dono't rename this file)
  2. Place downloaded file at "


  3. Open terminal, navigate to this folder and execute "chmod +x"

Step 2: Get Modified Platform.txt

You also have to use a different platform.txt file.

  1. Download attached 'platform.txt' and save. (Do not rename)
  2. Goto '

    /home/vish/.arduino15/packages/LinkItOneLinuxArduino/hardware/arm/1.1.17' and paste this new 'platform.txt' (replace existing platform.txt with this)

  3. Restart your arduino IDE if it's already running.

Step 3: Let's Sketch Something New ;)

Now you can follow Step 4 and Step 5 of previous instructable

In short, select you linkit one board in Boards list and generate 'app.vxp'

For uploading, connect LinkIt One in 'MS' mode, copy the 'app.vxp' to 'MRE' folder

And yayyy..!!! You are ready to rock!

Happy making,


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