Introduction: Project Micro - a Mini K'nex Ball Machine by Son

(son's project from long ago) Project Micro is a small, desk-top ball machine that contains 2 trails; when adjusted correctly, the balls never fall off.

Unfortunately, I am way too lazy to sit there and count all the pieces. If you aren't, let me know. My guess is around 500 to 600.

Step 1: The Main Tower

I'm going to apologize in advance for the size of this step. I didn't feel like taking apart the drive shaft, etc. Make sure you look at the annotations for the last couple pictures.

Step 2: The Secondary Tower

This supports the whirlpool.

Just build what is in the pictures.

Step 3: The Bridge

This holds both towers together and makes sure they don't fall over. Build what is in the first picture, then assemble what you've built so far (pictures 2 and 3).

Step 4: The Top Gear

This is the gear that supports the chain at the top.

Step 5: Untitled

Idk. Just build it and mount where shown.

Step 6: The "Pusher"

This pushes the balls off the lift. Make sure it is centered.

Step 7: These Things

I don't know what to call 'em. Just build them and attach.

Step 8: Not Named

This is additional support for the switch

Step 9: The Wall

This supports the switch itself and prevents the ball from falling off when switching

Step 10: The First Path

Give a General Description of the Step.

There is really nothing to write here.

Step 11: First Path Part II

Build what is in the first picture, then whats in the third picture, attach them, and mount.

Step 12: The Chain

Build the chain, then throw it on

Step 13: End of First Trail

Go for it.

Step 14: The Whirlpool

This is the flashiest part of the machine. Make it; make sure it totals 720 degrees (two times around) and mount. Once you get to testing this trail, make sure it is consistent. It might take a while

Step 15: The Catcher

This catches the balls after they come out of the whirlpool.

Step 16: It

Make this. Be sure you have the spacing right. LOOK AT THE ANNOTATIONS ON THE SECOND PICTURE!

Step 17: Collector Track

This feeds all the balls to the lift.

Step 18: Nameless

Build this and slide on where shown.

Step 19: Beginning of Second Trail

Build these two rails and connect where shown.

Step 20: The Switcher

Decides between the two paths.

Step 21: Guard Wall 1

Self explanatory.

Step 22: Guard Wall 2


Step 23: Guard Wall 3


Step 24: Red Rods

Put these on. This will stop the ball from falling off, and, as a bonus, the ball makes a very satisfying plunk when it falls in.

Step 25: Tension Adjustment

Build this, put it on, and leave it, for now.

Step 26: The Chain

Build this, then put it on.

Step 27: Done!

Add the balls, and you are done. Those crappy loopin' lizard balls work fine even though they are lighter and slightly bigger. You will probably have to adjust a couple things to make it work.
Enjoy your mini ball machine!