Introduction: Properly Groom a Dog

Start by retrieving the dog from it's cage or the playroom. You will need the following:

  • a lead which can be found next to the grooming room entrance
  • identification sheet and customer report which can be found at the front desk
    • place these sheets on the whiteboard when you get into the tub room

Step 1: Put Dog in Bathtub

  • Remove the door to the bathtub by pulling it up
  • Place the dog into the tub
  • There is red clip that can be loosened and placed over the dog's head
  • Tighten the collar but make sure two fingers can fit between the collar and the neck
  • Remove the dog's collar and lead
  • If the dog is over 30lbs place the green clip under his belly and clip it to the other side of the tub
  • if the dog is portraying aggressive behavior or is skittish, grab a muzzle from the wall where the shampoo is and slowly place it over the dog's head and clip it behind its ears
    • fit the appropriate size muzzle to the size of the dog

Step 2: Rinse the Dog Off

  • Turn on the faucet that is at the head of the tub opposite to the door. It is a red handle and pull it down.
  • The silver hose connected to it is contains the water. It is now on and run. The water temperature stays the same so you do not have to worry about adjusting the temperature
  • Rinse the whole dog down so every inch of him is wet. When you get to his face, put your hand over his eyes. Also make sure you get under his tail.

Step 3: Shampoo the Dog

  • Use the kennel's hypoallergenic shampoo that comes out of the green hose located next to the silver hose. Push down the nozzle and lightly spray the dog from head to toe getting every inch of it's body. When you get to it's head, spray the shampoo into your hand and gently rub his face.
  • Rinse off the shampoo with the water in the silver hose using the same technique in step 2

Step 4: Shampoo the Dog

  • On the customer report, look what shampoo the customer has requested. On the wall next to the board grab a cup and draw out the desired shampoo. Repeat step 3 with the shampoo and step 2 with the rinsing process

Step 5: Spray Conditioner

  • Now that the dog is rinsed, grab the bottle labeled conditioner off of the wall where you found the shampoo and cup.
  • Gently mist the conditioner once onto the dog
  • rub it all over the dogs body avoiding the head region

Step 6: Clean the Dog's Ears

  • on the wall, grab two cotton balls from the jar labeled cotton balls
  • Grab the rubbing alcohol bottle labeled rubbing alcohol
  • Pump each cotton ball twice on top of the rubbing alcohol bottle
  • Rub one cotton ball inside the ear starting with the flap and going towards the lobe
  • repeat with the other and the other cotton ball

Step 7: Move Dog to Dryer

  • place the lead back onto the dog
  • remove the door from the tub again
  • remove all clips from the dog and gently guide the dog over to an empty dryer
  • open the dryer door and lead the dog into the dryer
  • remove the lead from the dog and close the dryer door
  • Set dryer to 2 (middle heat setting)
  • leave the dog in the dryer for 1 to 2 dryers depending on hair length and body size
    • check back frequently (almost every 20 minutes)

Step 8: Remove Dog From Dryer

  • When the dog is fully dry, remove the dog from the dryer
  • open the door to the dryer and place the lead over the dogs head
  • lead the dog to the grooming table in the next room

Step 9: Place Dog Onto the Grooming Table

  • Lower grooming table by pushing down on the left pedal
  • assist the dog onto the table
  • place collar that is clipped onto the pole at the front of the grooming table over the dog's head and tighten it leaving two fingers worth of space
  • Raise the table pushing down on the right pedal

Step 10: Brush Out the Dog

  • Retrieve the brush from the table next to the grooming table. It has an orange handle
  • Brush out the dog by moving from the spine down to the belly (downward strokes) if the dog has long hair
  • If the dog has short hair, brush from the head to the tail

Step 11: Take the Dog Outside

  • Lowering the grooming table pressing the left pedal again
  • Place the lead onto the dog and take of the clip from the grooming table
  • Lead the dog outside to use the restroom

Step 12: Return Dog to Cage

  • Return the dog to kennel in it's appointed cage that is listed on the identification card