Introduction: Protection Device for Scary Movies

When I was little I was VERY scared of horror films. My thumbs were constantly in my ears so that I wouldn't hear the eery music while my fingers were over my eyes so that I couldn't see the woman who was about to meet her doom. We told her not to go in there! Anyways, it was very impractical. So I created this device that would protect me from the movie and keep my hands free at the same time!

You can choose to block your ears or your eyes depending on the scene. I am now recreating this device to share with you guys and also to give to my kid nephew who shares my affliction.

Hope you enjoy!


* Hot glue gun

* Hot glue stick

* String -10 inches long

* Headband

* 4 small magnets

* Scissors

* Fabric - 10''x10'' (inches)

* A pair of earplugs

Step 1: The Blocking of the Ears

We will start off by taking our piece of string and cutting it in half. Then we will tie each piece to about an inch from each end of the headband and hot glue them to secure.

Then we will hot glue each ear plug to a string.

Step 2: The Blocking of the Eyes

Take your piece of fabric and cut it in half. Then hot glue each piece of fabric to each top half of the headband.

Now, take 2 magnets and hot glue each one to the outer edge of the fabric in the inner corner.

Take your other 2 magnets and hot glue them on each fabric on the center of the headband.

Make sure each pair of magnets are facing the correct way so that they attract instead of repel each other!

Step 3: Watch Without Fear!

Connect both magnets on each fabric when you're feeling brave, or let the fabric drape your eyes to avoid horror. Additionally, stick the plugs in your ears at your leisure!

Is it pretty? No.

Is it functional? Yes!