Introduction: Protection of Eye-darkness

On this website, I am going to show you how to protect your eye by Arduino. All the material could be found easily. This can protect you from using 3C items during darkness. When it is too dark, there would be noisy sounds that would warn you until there is enough light. The sound is very weird, noisy, and anoying. As a result, you will open the light.

Step 1: Material Preparing

- Arduino line x10

- light sensor x1

- speaker x1

- Photoresistance: blue x1, yellow x1

- Arduino board x1

- empty box x1

Step 2: Programing

Step 3: Connecting Lines and Board

- first, use a shorter line to connect GND to -, 5V to +

- Then, use a line to connect + and a random number at the bottom.

- Connect a light sensor with one side at the same roll as the previous step

- connect a blue Photoresistance, a line connect A0, and the other end of light sensor at the same roll

- use a line to connect from the other end of blue photoresistance to -

- use a line to connect - with the black part of the speaker

- use a line to connect ~11 and the red part of speaker

Step 4: Finish

test if the program work. To test this, put the light sensor at a place with no light to see if the speaker makes noises.