Introduction: Protein Packed Grilled Breakfast Burrito

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I eat this every single morning, its a perfect protein and carb fueled breakfast that tastes amazing!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

3 eggs, spinach wraps, spinach leaves, mushrooms, shredded cheese, and veggie burgers (i use these because they are quick and easy, and packed full of protein)

Step 2: Crack Your Eggs

I crack my eggs into a bowl and ad a little milk for fluffiness

Step 3: Scramble

Scramble your eggs then set aside

Step 4: Mushrooms

Fry up your mushrooms in butter flavored cooking spray

Step 5: Spinach

Add the spinach leaves

Step 6: Cook

Stir and toss your mixture until the spinach wilts

Step 7: Prepare Your Meat

I use two veggie burgers, place them onto a microwave safe plate and microwave on high for 2 minutes

Step 8: Shred

After the burgers are heated through, shred the meat

Step 9: Add

Add the mixture to the mushrooms and spinach

Step 10: Scramble

Scramble the eggs

Step 11: Mix

Mix in the veggie burger/mushroom/spinach mix into the eggs

Step 12: Cheese

Mix in shredded cheese

Step 13: Stir

Stir over low heat until the cheese is melted, i normally turn the burner off and use the residual heat to finalize the mix

Step 14: Wrap

Place the wrap on a dish

Step 15: Add

Add the mixture to the wrap

Step 16: Fold

Fold the wrap, i fold it like a burrito, i fold the sides in first, then roll it over

Step 17: Grill

I use a George foreman grill like a panini press

Step 18: Cook

I close and press the wrap and cook until crispy

Step 19: Remove

Remove the wrap

Step 20: Cut

Cut the wrap in half, let cool and enjoy!


Nutritional information:
Calories: 846
Protein: 66
Fat: 45
Carbs: 36

You can always lessen the fat and calories by cutting back on ingredients, but i eat around 4000-5000 calories a day in preparation for the gym.

Step 21: A Little Bit About Me!

I eat healthy like this for a reason, i have become and avid weight lifter, before i became a healthy eater i ate garbage all the time, i weighed 350lbs, 50" waist and size XXXXL shirts, I now weigh 200, (smallest was 160) have a 32" waist and wear size large shirts. Anyone looking to eat healthy and be fit can do it!!!