Introduction: Prototype Leather Saxophone Neck Strap

I am a tenor sax player in a few local jazz bands so I decided a good quarantine project would be a saxophone accessory. I chose a neck strap. I made it with some leather I had laying around, some paracord, an s-biner, and a metal triangle I got off a tent. I just use some simple stitching and it looks pretty rough but it was meant to test out an idea I had.


Leather, paracord, s-Biner or other clip.

Step 1: Cut Out Strips of Leather and Stitch Them Together

I cut out 2 identical strips of leather about 12 inches long and 2 inches wide. I punched holes in the long sides for stitching and used a simple method to stitch them together. Do not stitch the short sides or you won’t be able to run the cord through it.

Step 2: Figure Out a Way to Use the Paracord and Make It Adjustable

I spent a while trying to figure out how to make the height adjustable. Eventually I got it pretty smooth and strong.

Step 3: Start Playing!

Saxophone takes time to learn. Hours and hours, years and years of practice to develop good sound and skills. If you have a sax laying around, play it!
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