Introduction: Duct Tape Holster

This instructable will show you how to make a gun holster from duct tape. You can use it for air soft, nerf, BB guns. Whatever you want! I made this one for my bb pistol but you can make it to fit any gun that you have.

Step 1: Get Materials and Tools

All you need is duct tape and scissors. You can use any color or design of duct tape to personalize your holster.

Step 2: Base Layer

Wrap tape around the gun with the sticky side out to cover the area that you want.

Step 3: Wrap the Rest

Wrap the base layer with a layer of tape so the sticky sides are touching.

Step 4: Put on a Belt Loop

Put one anywhere you want in any orientation so it fits you. I put mine on the side because that is how I wanted it but you can do whatever. Make it yours.

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