Introduction: Pudding Oreo

hello guys now I would like to share how to make pudding Oreo with ingredients that all easy to obtained by us. Okay lets check it out.


ingredients and tools needed


1. pudding powder ( 2 packs )

2. Liquid Milk 100 ml add with 400 ml water

3. chocolate bar 1 gram

4. Oreo Biscuit ( 1 pack )

5. melted butter ( 2 tablespoon)


1. pan

2. baking sheet

3. stove

4. Cup size of 300 ml

5. spatula ( to stir ingredients

Step 1: How to Mix the Main Ingredients

step one

first separate some Oreo from the wrapper then crush it using a prepared wooden stick then set aside. the next step is mix the liquid milk with water then stir, after it has been added to the pan and heat it in a medium temperature stove. next is to mix the liquid milk with water the stir, after it has been added to the pan and heat it in a medium temperature stove. While waiting for it to boil we continue to stir together with the pudding powder that is input, after we have thickened turn off the stove.

Step 2: How to Put It in the Cup

step two

after he ingredients we have cooked are slightly silenced, then we put them in the plastic cup that we have prepared, add just enough. Then enter the Oreo biscuits that we have crushed earlier into the cup containing the milk pudding.

Step 3: How to Present It With Add Chocolate

step three

next we prepare the chocolate that we will use to coat the pudding tops. First add the chocolate that had been crushed preheat by adding melted butter, stir until the mixture is perfectly even. After the chocolate is mixed we turn off the stove and wait until the cools a little.

finally we will present it add that chocolate into the top of the pudding and for make it look interesting add Oreo pieces that have not been crushed and Pudding Oreo is ready to eat.