Introduction: Puffy Paint Window Clings

Hi I'm Morgan! This is my first instructable in my new account! I am very excited to show you all of my awesome ideas that crowd my mind. This instructable is something that I came up with when i was about six or seven, when i got a tiny bottle of pink puffy paint as a party favor. I decided to make a bunch of tiny pink spiders. After they were dry I started playing with them when I realized that they stuck to my windows. I was ecstatic! My windows were covered in tiny pink spiders till after Halloween. I hope you can make some of your own cool window clings for your windows! Have fun and enjoy!


Here are some things that you will need. These are very simple items found for little money at grocery and craft stores.

1. Plain white or notebook paper.

2. Any kind of plastic or plastic bag, plastic sheet protectors work too.

3. Puffy paint, or dimensional fabric paint.

4. Pencil or thin marker.

Note: The brand of paint does not matter I just used what I had on hand.

Note: In my pictures I used wax paper, but I wouldn't recommend this because the wax came off on the paint, and made it not stick to the window. I had to flip it over to make it stick.

Step 1: Draw a Pattern

First take your piece of plain paper and draw any pattern you want, I drew a donut and the word love.

Step 2: Wax Paper

After drawing your pattern, place a piece plastic over the regular paper. The pattern should show clear through the wax paper.

Step 3: Trace With Puffy Paint

Next just trace and fill the pattern with puffy paint. Try to be as precise as you can, but remember that there's nothing wrong with art!

Tip: If you need to you can tape the wax paper down so that it doesn't move while you are tracing.

Tip: Make sure that you don't make the puffy paint too thin, or it will break when you peel it off. Make sure the paint layer is even, all around the cling.

Step 4: Let Dry

Now all that's left to do is let the paint dry. I recommend letting it dry for at least four hours, but if your puffy paint bottle has drying instructions, then you should follow those.

Step 5: Be Careful!!!!!

I've added this last step to warn you to BE VERY CAREFUL where you put your wet clings. I accidentally put my clings too close, resulting in my LOVE cling being smudged and ruined. Put your clings up high were no baby, cat, dog, or any number of things can get it!

Step 6: Place Your Amazing Clings

Finally carefully peel your clings off of the plastic and place them on a clean, and DRY window. All done!!! now you have an amazing, pretty, and cool window cling! ENJOY!!!

Note: If you previously made your puffy paint layer too thin, the cling may tear or stretch. Keep this in mind during step 3.

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