Pull-Apart Garlic Cheese Bread Rolls - Very Easy Recipe

Introduction: Pull-Apart Garlic Cheese Bread Rolls - Very Easy Recipe

Soft, buttery, garlicky, cheesy, slightly herby... They're surprisingly easy to make!

No mixer, no bread machine, just 2 minutes of "kneading" (using my plastic wrap trick). Yes, the proofing takes time, but that's just leaving it alone & doing nothing.

Anyway, if you like bread, you must give this super easy recipe a try.

Ingredients & simple instructions are written below. But the video above explains the steps much better, so please take a look! :o)


80g (1/3c) milk - cold out of fridge is fine

80g (1/3c) warm water

1 & 1/2 tsp yeast - instant or dry active

10g (2tsp) sugar

10g (2tsp) vegetable oil

250g (2c) flour - I use half AP & half bread flour - you can use all bread if preferred

1/2 tsp salt

dash of garlic powder - to taste - I use about 1-2 tsp

dash of dried oregano - or another herb - optional

1-2 tbs softened butter or margarine

shredded cheese - to taste


1. Mix together milk, water, yeast, sugar in a large bowl. If you want to check if the yeast is alive, leave it to 'bloom' for few minutes (should foam up). I know my yeast is fine, so I don't wait. Just stir together to dissolve the yeast. Then add the oil, flour, sprinkle over the salt, garlic powder, dried oregano.

2. Stir with a spoon to form a dough. Lay down a large piece of plastic wrap and lightly oil it allover. Put the dough on top. Using the plastic wrap, "fold & press" the dough for about two minutes. That's the "kneading" done! Put the dough back in the bowl, cover, and leave to proof until doubled, should take 45-60min.

3. Lay down the same plastic wrap again. Take the dough out. Fold & press once of twice to form a neater shape. Put another piece of plastic on top, roll the dough out into a sheet approx 40x18cm. Spread the butter/margarine on the dough, leaving a half inch gap at the top. Sprinkle on some more garlic powder or use fresh garlic paste if you like. Sprinkle on the cheese. Roll up the dough, press as you roll but no need to be tight, pinch the seam to seal.

4. Cut the log into ten pieces. I bake in a loaf pan lined with foil and brushed with vegetable oil. Place the ten dough pieces in the pan. Let proof again for 30-45min, until almost doubled.

5. Bake in a Pre-Heated oven, 195C (380F) or fan 175C (350F), for 20-22min. Ideal baking temp & time can vary, depending on your oven. Brush on a little butter on top while hot to soften the crust and give it a little shine. Best enjoyed while warm.

If you've enjoyed this recipe, please check out my other Instructables, and follow me for more easy baking recipes & tips to come.

Jo-Annie :o)

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Man just mix some raw mushrooms into the mixture and it will be all natural deliciousness!


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Yes, so many possibilities with this bread... mushrooms sound great.

I've also tried jalapenos for a spicy kick. Or tomato puree & chopped pepperoni for a pizza bread. :)

Cheese and garlic - two of my favorite food groups. These sound absolutely yummy! I have everything I need to make these - so this may well be on the menu this weekend with supper!


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Enjoy! I'm lazy and just use powder garlic. But you can put some fresh minced garlic in the filling, to be extra-garlicky. :)

Fission Chips

Mmm! This looks so yummy, I am probably about to go make it for lunch! Thanks for making it so simple.