Introduction: Pump Action Knex Concept


I have no idea if there are still active knex gun builders on this site, but I first got inspiration for my knex guns on this site, so I though I'd return the favor and share my ideas too. Anyways, this is my latest knex gun. Here are some of its attributes:

- Extremely sturdy construction

- Removable Magazine

- 6.5 inch pullback

- Magazine Release

- Simple and strong mechanisms, nothing fancy

- Moderately sturdy handle

- 50-75 ft range (my best guess, the only two factors lowering the range are the ammo choice (one slot w/white rod) and the friction caused by the pin guide.)

All of these features are relatively standard, but I have not seen a pump action gun as clean looking as this one or with as long a pull distance. I kinda built this gun with the goal of making the best gun possible using tried and true mechanisms, and I think I came close. The pump was added to give it a high rate of fire, and the design was simplified to make it as reliable as possible. The removable mag was a first for me, but in theory that should be very reliable too.

In theory, this gun is everything one could hope for. However, I have not gotten it to shoot reliably due to problems with my magazine not holding the bullets firmly in place.

Also, I want to apologize for simplistic way I try to explain my gun. I'm not trying to be insulting, I just want to be clear.

Step 1: Internal/How It Works

The plunger is placed directly below the barrel to give the pumping mechanism maximum strength, and the pump itself is restrained from all movement besides the linear movement required to reset the firing pin. Also, the pump and plunger are all one connected part, which in my opinion is a big plus because not only is it stronger, but it has less ways to fail.

Step 2: Overview/Conclusion

While this is not my first gun, it is definitely my greatest creation by far. I hope somebody likes the idea and decides to improve upon it. I think the overall design has a lot of potential because 1) it uses only a few broken pieces 2) it is very strong and sturdy and could hold pretty much as many rubber bands as you can pull back (which is quite a lot given the ergonomic pump) and 3) the perfectly smooth pull of this gun along with its full sized body make it very easy to fire rapidly. However, a magazine redesign would be needed to get the gun to shoot reliably.

Thanks for reading! Please comment, I would love the feedback.

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