Introduction: Pumpkin Candy Slide

In this Instructable, the project I am presenting to you today is called the Pumpkin Candy Slide. I thought of this project because as you know we are all supposed to keep 6ft distance because of COVID-19, and since no one wants trick or treating to be cancelled. This would be a good tool to use during that time. Alright, lets get started!

Follow the instructions below.


  • 1 medium sized pumpkin
  • Pencil
  • Carving tools and medium sized bowl
  • PVC pipes 4ft, 1ft, 2ft,3,ft
  • Orange and black paint
  • Mask

Step 1: Draw the Face

Here you are going to draw the face you chosen for your pumpkin. I went with the traditional one. The you need to make sure you draw the circle you pipe is coming out of. And you can do that by putting the end of the pipe and draw the out line. Once you have your face draw you can get your carving tools and carve out the face.

Step 2: Carve Pumpkin

First before you can carve the pumpkins face you have to carve a circle around the stem, then you pull the part you cut off and take a spoon to get all of the pumpkin guts out. Now we can carve the face! I would recommend starting with the eyes, but you can really star where ever. When you get the shape of the carvings and are having trouble popping out the pieces that were cut, I would use the bottom of you spoon and start to push them out.

Step 3: Clean the Pumpkin

You have finally finished carving your pumpkin! Now we are going to clean it up. And to clean it up you can use a scrub brush with soap and water. Once you have cleaned the outside of your pumpkin you should take one of your PVC pipes and stick the end through the hole to make sure you carved it right. If you the pipe didn't fit you can go back and carve the hole again.

Step 4: Drawling and Carving the Hole in the Back

You can do this by pushing the PVC pipe through the front hole and pushing it all the way to the back of the pumpkin. Once you have done that you stand up and push the pipe down ( make sure you are careful not to rip the pumpkin). once you have made at least a little cut in the pumpkin then you can draw your circle. ( Make it a little bigger than the hole you made on the front.) Then you can cut out the hole you just traced. and you should be left with one hole in the back that is going diagonally up from the first hole.( Unfortunately the picture I took for this one had gotten deleted so I gave you the hole in the front to get a vision of what you should do.)

Step 5: Pick Your PVC Pipe

Now that your pumpkin is completely done you can focus on the PVC pipes. Now I went to my local hardware store to get PVC pipe, but you can go to any hardware store near you. Now, while at the hardware store you can get one ten foot PVC pipe and asked them to cut it into 4 ft, 3 ft,2 ft, and 1 foot. Now in this project you only will need to use two pieces of the pipe And I chose to go with 4 ft and 1 foot. Now we are on to the fun part.

Step 6: Painting PVC Pipe

This is where we can get creative. you can create any design you like but I just went with an abstract orange in black to fit with Halloween. While you paint make sue you spay the paint at a good distance so it doesn't drip. Then once you do one side let it dry then flip it over and do the next side. You will do this for both PVC pipes you chose. Then let everything dry.

Step 7: Painting Your Pumpkin

So while I was painting the PVC pipe I had this brilliant idea to paint my pumpkin. So I painted the whole pumpkin black then I let that dry. Then I used the orange on the cuts I made in the pumpkin and the only place I didn't put orange was the front hole and the nose. For they eyes I did a dripping affect, which I did by spaying the spray paint close to the spot I wanted it in, make sure you do this part slowly. Once you've done that let it dry and make a circle of orange on the top and back holes. I recommend letting the paint dry and giving it a second coat.

Step 8: Assembling Your Slide

We are almost done! In this step you will be putting all of the pats you made into one. So first you are going to want to get a table to hold the slide on. The first thing I did was put the smaller pipe standing up. Then put the bigger pipe through the holes you made in your pumpkin, make sure you put your pumpkin at the end of the table and put the PVC pipe in from the back. Then rest the bigger pipe on the smaller pipe and it should stay in place. Now get your candy and test the slide. And you have the you final product. Enjoy your candy slide!

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