Introduction: Pumpkin Chandelier

These instructions are going to be for the ultimate pumpkin chandelier. Of course this wont be super functional because pumpkins do eventually rot, but while it lasts it will be really cool. It will be a layered, hanging pumpkin ring chandelier.


-A medium sized pumpkin


-A large knife

-A small knife

-A tea light

-A lighter

Step 1: Cut the Stem Off of the Pumpkin

First you will need to cut the stem off of the top of the pumpkin. You will need to do this because in order to do step two, you have to be able to get into the pumpkin.

Step 2: Remove the Insides of the Pumpkin

You will need to remove the insides of the pumpkin (the guts). You wont need to keep that for any part of the chandelier but you could dry them out to make a nice snack! It does smell bad and its super cold but this step is necessary.

Step 3: Cut Rings of Pumpkin

Next you are going to take your large knife and start to cut a ring from the top of the pumpkin. Once you get that first ring off, you will repeat this step all the way to the bottom of the pumpkin.

Step 4: Thin the Rings

For this step you will need to take a few of the inside layers from the rings of pumpkin to make them lighter.

Step 5: Cut Holes in the Rings

After you cut the rings of pumpkin, you are going to use a knife to make 2 small holes on each side of the ring. You could also use a drill or something else sharp. These holes are going to be used for the rope to go through.

Step 6: Cut the Rope

After you make the holes around the pumpkin, you will need to cut your rope to your desired length. You will want to cut it however far apart you want each ring from each other plus an extra inch so that you have room to tie it.

Step 7: Thread the Rope

You will need to thread a piece of rope through one hole on a pumpkin ring and connecting the other side of the rope to another ring, starting with the bottom piece of the pumpkin. Do this step connecting all of the rings.

Step 8: Carve Designs (optional)

So for this next step you can carve whatever you want in the pumpkin rings. I did a face but you could do any design you want.

Step 9: Burn the Ends of the Rope

Take a lighter to burn the stray ends of the rope to secure the knots and make them stronger. You could also use hot glue instead. Be careful!

Step 10: Light It Up

Last step is to add a tea light or small candle to brighten up your beautiful chandelier.

Step 11: Enjoy Your Creation While It Lasts

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