Introduction: Pumpkin DIY

So it's Halloween and you have nothing to do. Why not make a little pumpkin ornament! This little guy is super easy and will make your house just a little bit more spoopy.


What will you need to create our little pumpkin friend? First, you will need a clear ornament, orange paint, and green paint. I did make my green lighter with some white paint so you could do that as well. I had a small detail paint bruch as well. You can choose whatever size you have or what works best for you. I did this all on a table cloth so I wouldn't get anything messy.

Step 1:

What you do first is take off the little cap on the ornament then pour the orange paint into the ornament. You tap it around so the paint covers the inside of the ornament. You put the little cap back on and continue to step two.

Step 2:

Next, you paint on a little stem. You take your green paint and paint the little cap thing. You could make is as light or dark as you want. I did mine about three coats until I felt good about it. I just took a detail brush and painted a little bit on. Leave it to dry and then you have a little pumpkin friend!