Introduction: Pumpkin Dog Shoes

In this Instructable I will show you how to make cute pumpkin dog shoes. This is a good idea for small animals, that's not that hard for fall and halloween decorations or cute dog pictures. This is a easy, fun idea that takes about 30 min so get yourself a pumpkin and give it a try! Lets get into the project!


  • Large pumpkin
  • Cutting tool
  • Trash bag or trash can for scraps
  • Permanent Markers I used black or orange but you can use a different color if u want
  • (optional) Black or white shoelace
  • (optional) A animal to put the shoes on
  • A place to carve the pumpkin

Step 1: Getting Your Pumpkin and Starting to Carve

First, in your carving area, get a large pumpkin then cut out the top of the pumpkin so that you can see the seeds in the inside of the pumpkin.

Step 2: Preparing to Size the Shoe

Next, carve out a square that's approximately 3 inches longer than your dogs paw on each side and also shave off any strings that are connected to the inside of your piece.

Step 3: Drawing the Layout of the Shoe and Size

Then draw out the shape of the shoe that you want to carve with a marker on the side of the pumpkin square with the orange skin facing down. Make sure the area where the paw is going in the shoe is the width of your dogs paw on the drawing.

Step 4: Carving Out the Shoe and Size

To carve out the shoe, you will need to start by drawing the length of the shoe. You can do this by measuring the length of your dogs paw and drawing a line on the bottom of your pumpkin square thats that long + a centimeter on each side. Once you have the length cut off the extra pieces. You can now carve out the shoe that you drew on the side of your piece. Once done with this round off the edges/corners and you should be done with the carving part.

Step 5: Hollowing the Shoe Out

At this point you should have the shape of the shoe cut out and perfected and just need to decorate and hollow it out. To hollow the shoe out you will need your carving tool and a spoon to get the extra scraps out, you will also need a ruler to find the size of the hole. First, take your ruler and measure the length and width of your animals paw. Once you found the length and widths cut that size of hole out 2 cm from the back of the shoe and 1 cm from the sides, and dig the hole down all the way to 1 cm from the bottom of the shoe. The paw hole should be done now!

Step 6: Carving the Shoelace Holes

Once done with the paw hole take your carving tool and 2 cm in front of the paw hole and 1 cm from the right side of the shoe poke your first hole this hole shouldn't be very big and should go all the way through the side of the shoe like all the others, it should be about 1 cm in diameter. Next make 3 more identical holes in a zigzag pattern about 4 cm from each, and at the very front of the shoe make 2 holes straight across each other about 4 cm away from each other.

Step 7: Decorating the Shoe

This is the last step of the project, and the most fun step! Take your shoe lace and put it through the holes and tie it at the top, then carve any other shapes into the shoe that you want and draw anything else you want on the shoe and you are finally done and ready to put your dogs in them!

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