Introduction: Pumpkin Face Mask

The project that I am making is a pumpkin as a face mask. I am making this because halloween is coming up. The reason I want to do this is because I have never carved a pumpkin out before. I also have never made a mask. So I feel like this would be fun to do. In this project I will be showing you the steps of what to carve out first, then how I carve it and how to make the eyes,face, and mouth. And I will be showing you how the project should end up looking. Also, this is a face mask because I carved it how I wanted to carve it you can make the design totally different though by giving it weird eyes or scary or by making the mouth or nose different. This mask can also be worn by putting your head through the carved hole and can also be used for dogs and humans depending on the size of pumpkin you get.

Step 1: Tools

One pumpkin decent sized

Ruler to space the eyes mouth and nose out

A knife to carve it

Spoon to scoop seeds out

Marker to outline where i'm cutting it out

Step 2: Carving the Bottom

The first thing that you want to have is a knife to carve it. Then you want to get cut it with a knife in a circle. Next, you have to get all the seeds out. You want to get a spoon for this part. You then need to scoop the seeds out of the pumpkin. Because you don't want any of that nasty stuff in there. The seeds will also all fall out the bottom so have a bag under it.

Step 3: Carving the Eyes

For this part you will need a knife again to carve and a marker and ruler. First, you need start out by outlining where you are going to carve the eyes out. Then, you will need a ruler to space the eyes out. Then you can finally use the knife and start carving the eyes out.After you have done that you are done with that step.

Step 4: Carve Out Your Nose and Mouth

For the last part you want to carve out the nose and mouth. You wanna make sure they are evenly spaced. So for the tools you need is a knife sharpie and ruler. First, you need to sharpie the mouth and nose and make an outline for it. Next, you want to get a ruler and space them out. Last, get the knife then carve out your nose and mouth and that is your final product.

Step 5: Final Product

For your final product make sure you read all the steps right to get the exact same results. For the final product put it on your head for a mask. You can make all different kinds of designs doing this too. You can make the pumpkin scary or happy just anything you desire.