Introduction: Pumpkin Fairy Garden

In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a fairy garden, but it's not just any normal fairy garden it’s inside a pumpkin! This is a very fun project if you like fairy gardens and love halloween seasons because it includes both. This is a very simple and fun project.

Step 1: Gathering Your Supplies.

  • Tools-
  • 1 Large Pumpkin
  • Large bowl
  • Knife
  • Spoon
  • throw away bags
  • pencil
  • Decorations-
  • Soil // Little Rocks
  • Your choice of little plants
  • Your choice of decorations
  • 1 pack of fairy lights

Step 2: Prepping the Pumpkin

What you will need for this step.

  • Knife
  • Large bowl
  • Spoon
  • Pumpkin
  • throw away bags
  • pencil

What you are doing in this step.

In this step you will start off by getting your pumpkin and placing it on the throw away bags. Once you have done that you will need to have a pencil, knife,bowl,and something to scoop the insides out of the pumpkin. Start by tracing where you want the hole to be. Then start by cutting a circle in the front of the pumpkin instead of on the top of the pumpkin. Once you have cut the circle in the front of the pumpkin you will start out by cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin with either your hands or the spoon. When cleaning it out place the insides of the pumpkin in the bowl. (Remember you can always use the seeds of a pumpkin for whatever you would like.)

Step 3: Making the Garden!

What you'll be needing..

  • Soil
  • Little rocks
  • Plants of choice

What to do.

In this part of the project you will be setting up the main part of the fairy garden. Since your pumpkin is cleaned out we are ready to start. In this step you will need the soil and little rocks, and the plants of your choice. You will start by taking some of your soil and adding it into the pumpkin. After adding in the soil you are going to add the plants of your choice. Once that is completed you can add the little rocks to any spot you would like.

Step 4: Final Touches to Fairy Garden


  • Decorations
  • Fairy lights (your choice)

What to do-

This part is pretty much just making it how you want and pretty. You will add your decorations into the pumpkin wherever you think they would look best. If you are going to add Fairy light you can put them however you want, but I will be putting small holes at the top and bottom of the pumpkin and putting them through the holes, to light up my pumpkin.

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