Pumpkin Halwa Recipe (Indian Dessert)

Introduction: Pumpkin Halwa Recipe (Indian Dessert)

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Pumpkin halwa is a traditional Indian dessert or sweet which is made without milk. Though it sounds quite boring to make pumpkin halwa but tastes delicious.

Step 1: Recipe


Pumpkin – 1 kg

Desi ghee- ½ cup

Sugar- 1 cup

Green Cardamom – 2 pcs

Almonds- 2-3 pcs

Melon seeds – 1 tsp


In a Kadai, heat ghee, cardamom and add pumpkin. Cook it till the quantity of pumpkin reduces. Add sugar at this stage. Cook the material till pumpkin turns brown. It will take 20-25 min to cook. Keep stirring while the pumpkin cooks and leaves the sides of the Kadai or pan. Serve hot and garnish with melon seeds and almonds.

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