Introduction: Pumpkin Hand Carving

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the poor blurry photos...

This is my first instructable, so please be tolerant !

It's also only my second attempt at sculpting a pumpkin.

Step 1: Choosing the Design

I Googled for some cool pumpkins and I found some that were quite challenging, but that's were the fun is !

The carver is Ray Villafane who is a real master (please check his website !)

The problem was I didn't choose my pumpkin. My parents-in-law gave me one and it didn't have at all the shape I needed to copy the original. So I had to adapt, and I had to "compress" the design...

Step 2: The Tools

I just used some basic carving tools and a kind of plastic scrapper to empty the pumpkin

Step 3: The Carving

The fun part.

First, I drew the face on the pumpkin with a simple ball pen, which is certainly a bad idea because it isn't easy at all. Maybe next time, I could use some other kind of pen...

Then the carving begins...

I started with the eyes. The overall shape, and then getting into the details, using only the two carving tools shown in the picture.

After that the nose and I finished with the mouth.

You shall not be afraid to carve quite deep if you want a nice volume in the end.

Step 4: Empty the Pumpkin

I guess that this step can be done before or after the carving...

After I cut the hole in the top of the pumpkin and emptied it, I realized how thick it was... and that the carved parts wouldn't glow in the dark with a simple candle light inside. I had to diminish the thickness of the pumpkin from the inside so that the light could pass trough...

Step 5: The Finished Pumpkin

Final thoughts :

I'm quite happy with the result (and more important : my kids love it !), but of course it could be improved (a lot).

Next time, I'll carve deeper to get more volume

Try to be more precise

Don't let the flesh of the pumpkin or the tool lead your hand...

Hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for reading!

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