Introduction: Pumpkin Patch Patch

I picked up embroidery over quarantine because it's such a nice way to keep busy. I wanted to share how I did my most recent patch, a pumpkin patch, to hopefully inspire some others like me to get into beginner embroidery!


- basic embroidery experience

- canvas

- embroidery hoop

- sharp needle

- two shades of orange embroidery thread

- one shade of brown embroidery thread

- scissors

- pencil

Step 1: Getting Started

- Mount the canvas on a small embroidery hoop. This patch can be any size, I chose a bigger one.

- Draw your pattern in pencil. Pumpkins come in many shapes and sizes, so experiment with placement and appearance if you wish.

Step 2: Outline Stitch

The pictures show a step-by-step of how to to the outline stitch. I used the lighter orange with a big thread.

Step 3: Outline

Make sure to outline one chunk at a time without stretching the thread behind the canvas. I used the lighter orange for the pumpkin and the brown for the stem.

Step 4: Coloring Stitch

I tried to use a satin stitch to fill in the color, with an embroidery thread with half fibers.

Step 5: Coloring

(My attempt at using the satin stitch is messed up but it still works)

I used the darker orange for the pumpkin and the brown for the stem. Make sure to angle your stitches in the direction of the pumpkin's curves.

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