Introduction: Pumpkin Spider Web Clock

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Create this unique pumpkin clock to add to your Halloween display!

It's spooky, charming AND useful. Because there is much fun to fit in to this wonderful time of year!

Even during the day the clock face is illuminated. At night it glows a creepy orange.

I added a spider to the second hand to up the silliness.

This is part of an indoor display. I'm not sure how the clock would last outdoors.

I purchased an inexpensive foam carving pumpkin, clock parts and clip light from a hobby store. The rest of the supplies I had

Let's begin!


  • foam carving pumpkin
  • clock kit
  • clip light
  • brown or black spray paint for plastic
  • orange, yellow, green, brown acrylic craft paint
  • white or yellow transfer paper
  • wide flat paintbrush
  • x-acto knife

Step 1: Make That Ugly Pumpkin Pretty!

I always try to use what I have in my supplies which is why I used dark brown spray paint for the base coat. If I had no spray paint, and had to buy a can, I would have actually chosen black for the base. The base coat needs to be very dark. Black, dark brown, dark green or even a dark purple for a super groovy look!

The spray paint should say it works on plastic! The coating on the foam pumpkin is a rubbery plastic material and you want the spray paint to adhere properly!

After the spray painted base coat dries, it's time for dry brushing. With a slightly damp brush and a small amount of paint, lightly apply orange paint to the high points on the pumpkins bumps. Add a little yellow to the top of the pumpkin and green on the stem.

Don't paint the low points and crevices of the pumpkin. Let the base coat show through for lots of interesting dimension.

Step 2: Transfer the Pattern

Print the clock face pattern. The pattern might need to be sized up or down for your pumpkin.

Cut around the clock face pattern paper and use it to find the best spot on your pumpkin.

Use a light colored transfer paper, like white or yellow, to show up on the dark pumpkin. Hold the pattern in place and slide the transfer paper under. Hold both in place with a thumb tack.

Trace over the pattern with an embossing stylus or a ball point pen to transfer the design to the pumpkin.

Step 3: Carefully Carve

Use an x-acto knife and several new blades to remove the pumpkin skin. You won't be cutting the clock face all the way through the pumpkin. Cut along both sides of the pattern lines at a 45 degree angle to remove a v-shaped section of pumpkin flesh.

It took 6 blades to complete this work. Change the blade as soon as the knife isn't running smoothly through the pumpkin.

Cut the openings in the pumpkin. Cut a small hole in the center of the clock face for the motor. Cut a circle in the bottom of the pumpkin large enough for your hand to install the motor and change batteries. And cut a hole in the back for the clip light.

Step 4: Paint the Webbing

Add water to black acrylic paint until it has the consistency of heavy cream. Use a fine liner brush and add random old broken spider webs drooping from the stem.

Step 5: Putting It Together

I wanted to make the clock a bit more winsome. So I decided to add a spider to the second hand to scurry endlessly around the web. It would be much easier to purchase a small craft spider for this step. But instead I carved a spider body shape from the left over pumpkin flesh. Add 8 wire legs and paint the whole thing with 2 coats of black nail polish.

I also painted the clock hands with black nail polish.

Install the clock kit using the instructions from the kit.

Secure the clip light in the hole in the back of the pumpkin.

Step 6: Witch Time

The spider web clock glows softly during the day. At night it illuminates a bright warm orange. The spider slowly crawling around the web is a cheeky addition that children will enjoy watching. This is a unique addition to the Halloween home!

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